We’re recreating the Please Plant This Book project at Dinefwr 2012. This will be its first time in the UK and the first reprint since The State University of New York Buffalo effort in 1970.

I’ve put together an edited version of Fuchsia’s cheat sheet for me for you to have a look at below. We’ll post the full piece after the event, so as not to give it all away today!

Also, I’ve listed the wonderful people who’ve been invaluable towards making it happen HERE. A huge THANK YOU to everyone. Your well wishes, your donations, your seeds and support all count towards a hugely important movement.

We believe that the core concept of this book sums up exactly what we are trying to do with the BBC in terms of growing ideas and communities.


Did you Know? (Thanks to Fuchsia Voremberg for this information)

PPTB was first distributed on 20th March 1968, 1st day of Spring festival in Golden Gate Park. It was printed by Graham Mackintosh.

A run of 6000, funded (approx $500) by band Mad River out of their advance from Capitol Records. RB had collaborated with them on spoken word/music tracks, also had helped feed and support them when they first moved to San Francisco and were broke and struggling. 

Mad River lived across the road from the Panhandle park where The Diggers set up their daily “Free Frame of Reference” providing free meals for anyone who wanted them – this 60’s ethos of FREE is very important to PPTB. 

Dave Robinson of MR:

“Brautigan helped us glue together our EP jacket, and in return we helped him glue together Please Plant This Book. We would sit there and lick these things, and the glue tasted horrible! Those were two jugs of wine, pot of spaghetti kitchen projects.”

Sandy Darlington “Please Plant This Page.” (San Francisco Express Times 21 March 1968)

“Recently he spent an afternoon in a seed store in Daly City selecting seeds […] He only bought a few pounds of seeds, sixteen to be exact, but they’re small and the total number of them comes to over five million. You must have a lot of ground to cover said the seed man.”

2 thoughts on ““two jugs of wine, pot of spaghetti kitchen project” – Brautigan Book Club in Wales, Pt 2

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