Hello, another lovely email from abroad, this time Canada. Denis has written in before with his poetry and at the time, promised to tell us more about Marcia Pacaud. The following was sent to me late May 2013. Again, sorry for the delay in posting. I will be much more on the ball from now on!

I love receiving news and items from all over the world. I know that London is a cosmopolitan city, and that I can “travel” the world by searching the internet, but there is something special about someone from across the oceans sending you something specific that they think you might like.

I like very much the fact that Dennis has written poems inspired by Marcia, and that he dreams of India, a land that I haven’t been to, but have such strong ideas about. Distant lands. The past. Friends not yet met. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

“I hope that everything is cheery and delightful from the view at London Bridge. In all of my traveling fantasies I’ve promised myself in my life time, getting to London ranks among the top five. India is also in there, tied neck and neck, of course. As you may recall, I wrote to you last fall and sent you a bunch of Brautigan inspired poems which you broadcast on the BBC. (the other one…) Back then I promised I would send along a few poems regarding Marcia Pacaud, Brautigan’s erstwhile girlfriend from Montreal Canada. She also has been a muse of sorts. In fact I did manage to write her 2 letters in India back in 2005 and 2006 […]. At last check I do believe she is living in the northern Mountains in a type of religious retreat. As you know, Brautigan’s friend from Montana, William Hjortsberg wrote a fantastically thick epic on Mr B. called Jubilee Hitchhiker. Did that book ever come out in the UK? It is a wonderfully exotic tome of his life and times. Do not miss the opportunity to read it. Now without further adieu, I leave you with a few of my Pacaud flavored poems. ENJOY!
PS– I have a long lost relative living in Oxford, give him my regards if you see him!
Denis Robillard

Marcia letter # 1:

Dear Marcia:

Is the hippy allusion still prolonged in the timeless mountains where you live?

I ponder you endlessly with your tear shaped leaves crying on the dashboard. Oyster Perpetual

Just Lady 31 Rolex. On a mountain top  of Indian Eternity, mystical Marcia’s wrist watch is still ticking-

I answer you in small portions tonight with my magic number thoughts – 12,18,25,32,39,46.

I touched your letter and your letter touched me.

Deep in the Indian mountains in the caves of lost saints,

Where we were temporarily lifted into clouds of devout awe,

Your old 1967 baubles and badges are left to burn on the alter of the past.

Everything here a bold stark reminder of a near collision at the intersection of fame and fate not Ashbury and Haight.

Marcia letter # 2:


You and Kateri like two barefoot Carmelite sisters are Holy bodyguards encasing my soul in your undying cement armor. My old time muses keep howling at me from the deep dark caves of India. I need you to concentrate on the deep red raspberries redolent and mouth watering which I proffered as a gift in a simple bowl. This is a Muse’s breakfast to taste yet again. We walk silently among the brambles where my mind caresses dark fruit-

In love and war

Her words drill through me with liquid epigrammatic precision. As if  everything she ever spun from a dictionary was smithed on a fine etymological lathe made of  cryogenic lasers.

The Biography of Your smile

It was created on a sunny day in the early 60’s and despite rain, foul weathers, miscarriage, threats of divorce, movings, ramblings, numbings of drugs, bars and countless bacon and egg breakfasts, it’s been burning quietly like a Lady Statue happiness beacon in your life forever. Welcome to my world, gorgeous smile I think I love you.”


2 thoughts on “Letters to Marcia

  1. Marcia,
    You look enough like me in your picture on the cover of “the Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster” to be my twin. We must be somehow related. My family is, however, from Kentucky, before that from Tennessee and before that from North Carolina. Please let me know how I can forward you my high school picture so you can see what I am talking about. We must be around the same age. I am currently 62.
    Carol Brejnak (White)

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