Excerpts from several emails from the lovely Kimberley Zimmerman in America, dating from April 2013. (Apologies to all, I have been swamped with personal projects and, as you may know, the website has been transferred from one host to another, so I wasn’t able to post items for some time.)

What struck me most about Kimberly’s messages is the connection between the past and the present. She was also kind enough to offer to donate towards a future reprint of Please Plant This Book. If you’re interested in this happening again in the UK, do get in touch: vera@brautiganbookclub.co.uk

Here are two links to the Please Plant This Book project that the Brautigan Book Club produced in conjunction with the inaugural Dinefwr Literature Festival in 2012 (Link ONE and link TWO), showing some behind the scenes photos of us making the books, and a little about the history of the project.

From Kimberly:

“I happened upon your website recently and was delighted to find that you had reprinted Brautigan’s Please Plant This Book.

The text of Please Plant This Book is so close to my heart as I am a pediatrician and Brautigan so perfectly captures the importance of nurturing our children, providing them with nutritious food and a healthy (in many ways…..) future.

I am just a bit too young to be a contemporary of Brautigan but I began reading him in college, I believe with Trout Fishing in America.  I was hooked!  Until I brought up his work with my very close cousin, Bob, who is a Vietnam Vet, there was no one with whom I could share the exquisiteness; it turned out that Brautigan is Bob’s favorite author as well!!  We recently spent time together in Carlsbad, California, and chanced upon a signed copy of Revenge of the Lawn which, of course, we snapped up!  While on a trip to Montana for a bison conference a few years ago, I made a pilgrimage to Livingston and visited the Pine Creek Lodge.  The owners were quite accommodating and allowed me to take two samples of the soil from around the cabin where Brautigan lived while he was writing The Hawkline Monster.
I did not realize until now the significance of the date when Brautigan published Please Plant This Book.  Very soon after we lost two of the most important peace-keepers and humanists the world has ever seen: Reverend Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.  How very different the world would be had they both lived to finish the incredible work they had begun!
I cannot thank you enough for carrying on Brautigan’s message.”

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