Daniel Davidson is an illustrator from the UK and sent an email telling me about his work and his love of Brautigan. We got talking and the Brautigan Book Club is now a proud owner of one of Daniel’s limited edition prints.
If you’d like to find out how you can get a copy (and I don’t know if there any more) do have a look at Daniel’s website http://www.danieldavidson.co.uk which shows off some lovely illustrations in his portfolio.
Below is an edited version of Daniel telling me about how he discovered Brautigan and how he came to make the piece.
“I am a huge Brautigan fan (A Confederate General from Big Sur is one of my favourite books of all time) and I have recently completed an illustration of the man himself wearing his words.
The illustration is part of a series of writers/poets wearing their words. I started with my two favourites, Brautigan and Bukowski, and have since extended the series to include Henry Miller and Hunter S Thompson wearing Kerouac’s words.
The idea arrived after completing a series of portraits then doodling their words as clothing. I thought the result looked interesting, and kept the viewer interested a little longer than the portrait alone, as people tend to lean in trying to make sense of the words if they recognise the person or not. The illustrations can also give the ‘unaware’ a peek into Brautigan’s strange and beautiful world.
I discovered Brautigan through a friend who had everything (well maybe not everything), but a lot of Brautigan’s books on his well stacked shelf. I was initially drawn to the image of Brautigan on the cover of ‘The Abortion’. After sifting through his collection I borrowed ‘A Confederate General from Big Sur’, returning every couple of days to return the book and borrow another, I was thisty for more, very thirsty.
I was hooked from the off after struggling for breath due to gut aching laughter whilst reading ‘The tide of Lee Mellon’s teeth’ chapter. I knew I had been introduced to a literary gem.
I have been known to physically force Brautigan’s books into hands with wild eyes, insisting my friends, family, strangers read them, now. With hindsight, this probably put more people off than turn them on to Brautigan, however, good intentions were always present in the hope of spreading the magic and knowing that in 48 hrs the converts will be at my door asking for more.”

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