In conjuction with National Unpublished Writers Day (NUWD) which is in its third year at The Brautigan Library, Washington, I have compiled the following audio recordings – spoken and sung. NUWD which celebrates the anniversary of Richard Brautigan’s birth (30th January).

The audio pieces can be enjoyed as standalone pieces but were put together as an accompaniment to the Brautigan Book Club zine, produced in London to celebrate our first year, and then customised and sent to Washington for NUWD. Pieces comprise readings from the writers, lyrics sung, and references fleshed out.

Please feel free to download and spread the files, all of which were recorded on iphones and other basic machines, as I wanted to capture and share some of our lives here in London.

Read more about NUWD below and download a digital copy of the zine. (51 numbered and customised hard copy zines exist in the world and were made for NUWD in Washington, USA. 52 London zines are out there too…)

I hope you enjoy the journey! – Vera

FREE zines for downloading (PDF file format):

NUWD is a “celebration of Richard Brautigan, native of Washington state, whose vision and creativity has inspired peoples around the world to find uncommon beauty in ordinary life”.

What I love is that the description also goes on to talk about how it’s important to, “record that experience in writing or other means.”

The “other means” gives me comfort and reassurance that we all have our ways and means of expressing ourselves.

Read more about the event, to which we were invited but sadly could not afford to attend, here.

We are however, sending small gifts to add to what John calls “swag bags” – Washington-customised zines, Brautigan badges, links to this page, and hopefully, a little film.

Finally, a little message John wrote to us:

“When I began archiving information about the life and works of Richard Brautigan it was as a university graduate student. My purpose was no more noble than to complete my degree requirements. As I continued with the project, however, I realized the need for a centralized information source regarding Brautigan and his writings. Brautigan was little known then, and even less appreciated. But, that was many years ago and today Richard Brautigan, and his thought-provoking books, enjoy world-wide familiarity and respect. I like to think that my efforts to develop and maintain the Brautigan.NET website are somewhat responsible, but the truth is that everyday someone somewhere picks up a Brautigan book and discovers their new favorite writer. These new readers seek ways to respond to the inspiration Brautigan provides their own creative thinking. In many parts of the world, finding such camaraderie is difficult. Each person’s response to Brautigan is personal and perhaps not easily shared. But, when a group of people coalesce around a shared and collaborative response, like The Brautigan Book Club, the results are both powerful and magical. It has been a pleasure and honor to watch your readings of each of Brautigan’s books this past year, and the various associated events. It has been my envy not to be able to able to share with you in person. But, I am well pleased with your success and growth, and here, on the occasion of your year end celebration, wish you all the best success for many more years of Richard Brautigan-inspired events that will continue to keep the candle lit for both the man and his writing. Thank you all, and best wishes.

John Barber”

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