Illustration by Fuchsia Voremberg

Please Plant This Book is a free, limited edition, publication brought to you by the Brautigan Book Club, produced by saltpeter, recreated specially for the inaugural Dinefwr Literature Festival 2012. This will be its first time in the UK and the first reprint since The State University of New York Buffalo effort in 1970.

We made 200 copies and put them together by hand. Read on for details on how to get your FREE copy and download a FREE music album* made in conjunction with the project.

We believe that the core concept of this book sums up exactly what we are trying to do with the BBC in terms of growing ideas and communities.


If you’d like to enquire about future reprints, offer a helping hand in terms of donations or time, please get in touch. vera@brautiganbookclub.co.uk

Did you Know? PPTB was first distributed on 20th March 1968, 1st day of Spring festival in Golden Gate Park. 6000 copies were made, funded (approx $500) by band Mad River out of their advance from Capitol Records. RB had collaborated with them on spoken word/music tracks, also had helped feed and support them when they first moved to San Francisco and were broke and struggling. More on the project here. Thanks to Fuchsia Voremberg for compiling this information.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible, your well wishes, your donations, your seeds and support all count towards a hugely important movement. In particular I’d like to thank Tilly Brooke, who obtained and managed donations of seeds, Matt Snow who printed the folders and John Barber who provided us with a copy of the original. I would also like to thank Lleucu Siencyn and Georgia Ruth and everyone at Literature Wales, and to everyone in Cardiff who brought us all together, and Nemonie Craven who put us in touch with Gruff Rhys in Cardiff the first instance. Without LitWales inviting us to the inaugural Dinefwr Literature Festival, where, with the help of Michael Caines, I put together a three-part Brautigan Book Club offering to celebrate the incredible occasion. Finally, a big thank you to Fuchsia Voremberg who introduced me to the poem way back before we had ever met in the flesh.

Our wonderful seed sponsors are been listed and thanked below.

More photographs of the making of the 2012 PPTB, the first ever UK version and the first since the 1970 reprint of the original 1968 version can be seen HERE, in a previous blog entry.

*We are also thrilled to present alongside this publication a digital album of songs in response to these poems. Please Plant These Songs features new music by The Lovely Eggs, James Murray, The Sound of the Ladies, Georgia Ruth, Treecreeper and stephenmcaines. The album is a beautifully eclectic celebration compiled by Michael Caines and is available to download for free.



If you’d like to enquire about future reprints, offer a helping hand in terms of donations or time, please get in touch. vera@brautiganbookclub.co.uk


Our heartfelt thanks to the people who’ve made this possible:

If you love the garden this book grows into and have further seed needs, here is a list of our wonderful seed sponsors:

Chilli Pepper Co. – Hot Purira

Cumbria. The Chilli Pepper Company based in Cumbria sell a host of chilli products from chutneys to chilli sauces and powders. Our main business is chilli seeds we have seeds ranging from mild to wild.

Chiltern Seeds – Perennial Mixed Flowers, Annual Mixed Flowers, Runner Beans, Mange Tout Peas

Organics Ltd & The Organic Gardening Catalogue – Aubergine Rosa Bianca

Surrey. Only good things for your garden. Supplies for organic and environmentally friendly gardeners – organic seeds for vegetables, heritage and modern varieties, herbs, flowers and green manures, organic composts and fertilisers, biological pest controls, books and gifts.

People Show – Rocket

People Show is the longest running English experimental theatre company, based in the East End of London.

Plant World Seeds – Campanula Lactiflora, Primula Beesiana, Tomato (Red Currant)

Our seed website contains nearly 2500 types of rare and unusual flower and vegetable seed and our garden is the first garden designed as a map of the world.

Stormy Hall Seeds – Calendua, Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Stormy Hall Seeds is a seed company located in North Yorkshire. It is part of the Botton Village Camphill Community and the works in the our seed workshop involves the growing, processing, testing and disrtibution of boodynamic vegetable, herb and flower seeds. We do this with the help of a small team of workers, some having special needs.

Thompson & Morgan (Young Plants) Ltd – Seed Mix

Tozer Seeds – Butternut Squash

Surrey. The UK’s largest independent vegetable seed breeder since 1939

Wiggly Wigglers – Grassy Meadow

Hereford. Wiggly Wigglers have 2000 good things for your natural garden and greener home. Use this code to get 15% off you first order CAT3215

We would like to especially thank Matthew Snow at Snow Print for having faith in the project, offering his time and expertise, and being instrumental in making it real. http://www.snowprint.co.uk

This is a handmade publication. Each copy was cut, folded, glued, filled, sealed and assembled with love by: Tilly Brooke, Vera Chok, Jessie Greengrass, Sarah Gregg, Daniel Hogan, Victoria Manifold, Gary Merry, Fuchsia Voremberg, Alexis Economou and other members of the Brautigan Book Club.


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